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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..19 April 2014

We are now halfway through the Easter 2014 long weekend. Yesterday we went to lunch at Carol’s, I worked with Carol for a very long time at Solver/Wattyl Paints. We had a lovely lunch, I had a couple of Gin and Lemonades, Brian and Carol had a couple of wines, and we had a good long chat, next stop Jo and Kate’s for dinner. Jo made a lovely chicken risotto, we had some laughs, straight lemonade for me this time as Brian indulged a little bit more, and then home.

Today we had lunch with a workmate of Brian’s, Danyel, tomorrow is Danyel’s birthday and Monday is Brian’s so it was a double celebration. We  had lunch at The Grace Establishment on The Parade at Norwood and I have to say I was not overly impressed. I really dislike paying top dollar for a fiddly piece of meat and some strangely cooked vegetable, one of those places where you get a big plate and little else. Brian and Danyel had a chicken salad which was sightly more substantial, and the cheese platter we had for dessert was a disgrace, three teeny pieces of cheese and some meagre accompaniments. Not going back there. Oh, by the way, they do not serve brandy, “We only serve cognac”. To top it off the men’s toilet was disgusting. The girl serving us admitted they had cancelled half of their staff when they realised today was public holiday rates, I hope it was worth it as I know you had more than one disgruntled customer today.

It was not a complete loss however, whomever typed up their menu made a rather amusing spelling error that I was only too pleased to point out, they had “vagetables” on the menu. I shan’t repeat the comments that went around the table. I think someone will use spell check next time.

On the way out today I went to look at a pigeon loft and I think this may be the one, I offered the old gentleman $500 which he is considering. Fingers crossed. I shall have to suck up to Number 1 son Kane as I will need his help to move it.

Tomorrow we have the children , their partners, and the grandchildren all over for an Easter Egg hunt and then lunch. I can’t wait.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..16 April 2014

I make so secret of the fact that I am a royal sycophant, I read everything I can about the Royal Family, and today I have been glued to the television as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince George, commence their tour of our great nation. The Duchess looked beautiful, the Duke spoke eloquently and was very well-informed on current matters, and Prince George is a cute little chubber.  Both the Duke and Duchess took their time when speaking to not only those presented to them, but those that lined the route of the walkabout. They are both wonderful ambassadors for Britain and the Royal Family, the Queen and the Prince of Wales must be very proud, as would be Diana.

Another shake-up in the New South Wales government, the reputation of the former Premier Barry O’Farrell is in tatters, and all over a bottle of wine. How many of us have not been presented with a gift as a way of being congratulated, why should this man’s career be ruined over one bottle of wine. Surely as a nation we have bigger things to worry about.

I am pleased to see the Queensland police have made an arrest over the Chloe Campbell abduction, but how ridiculous was it that the faces of the Campbell family that have been splashed all over the nation’s media are now blurred out just because an arrest has been made, and a court case is now pending. I am sure no-one can remember what they look like.

I am a bit deflated at the moment, I thought I had found the perfect loft for my racing pigeons, and I was quietly confident that this weekend I would have not only my loft but also its first inhabitants. I have just found out this loft is 13 metres long, just a tad too big for our back yard, and way too big for what I actually want. My next idea is to buy three or four single aviaries and join them together, yes that might work. Damn I wish I had some handyman skills, but neither Brian nor I are blessed in that way.

You know I don’t really ask for much in this world, and I expect even less, all I ask is that every now and then those that mean the most to me in this world give me just a couple of minutes of their time. I know that we are living in a busy world, and I don’t want to put anyone on a guilt trip. Just take the time to say hello, return my message, return my phone call, just a couple of minutes is all I ask. I know you don’t mean to be abrupt, and I am certain you don’t mean to hurt my feelings, but you do.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..13 April 2014

You can call me cynical if you like but there is just something not quite right about the abduction of Chloe Campbell. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy this little girl has been reunited with her family, but there is really something “funny”, and I don’t mean funny haha, I mean funny peculiar, about the whole situation.

Last night we had a lovely meal and Ryan and Melissa’s, and two year old Calais kept us all laughing. It was great to see Cody as we have missed him terribly, and I enjoyed watching The Never Ending Story again, well the end of it anyway. Bailey did not quite seem himself but he is a teenager, and is at that age where pushing one’s boundaries seems to be the current state of play. He is doing quite well at high school though which is good.

Dare I say it, dare I say it, what the hell I am gonna say it. The Mighty Adelaide Crows are back on track, yes they took a slight detour but things are looking up. I am very tempted, given the current odds, to put a bet on them to win the 2014 AFL Premiership, I would make a killing if they pulled that off.

The federal government, in particular the Treasurer Joe Hockey, is getting caned in the press and social media alike, for even daring to suggest lifting the pension age to 70. I already have to work until I am 67 so what is another three years. Get your act together people, we are all living longer and healthier lives, something has to give. At every hint of a tax hike the majority of you complain, well just sit down and think about where we would be, where our country would be, if successive governments did not lift taxes. Do not think for one minute that the Labour Party would not be forced to do the same thing one day, albeit thinly disguised as something else, at least this government is being up front. It is all just basic accounting really, you cannot pay out more than you take in, not without a continued deficit which is not good for anyone.

Now I have a bit of a gripe, I am sick and tired of game requests and pokes on Facebook. I appreciate Facebook for what it is, but I am tired of all the other crap that goes with it. I love reading your posts and looking at your photographs, but I do not have the time nor the inclination to play games. Sorry!


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..12 April 2014

I had a great day at work yesterday, I love Friday’s as there is only three of us in the office, myself and the owners. Fridays are generally very quiet on the phone and email front, it is my catch up day, I got so much done yesterday I amazed myself, I guess that is why I am still only working part-time. I have 95 plus corporations now and I handle it in four days which is really annoying as I have been there almost two years and am still not full-time.

Last night I was pooped as I am most Friday nights. I am finding that by 8.30pm I am struggling to keep my eyes open so I usually hit the hay early. It must be  a sign that old age is creeping up on me, or maybe it has crept up and overtaken me.

This morning I had my car serviced, two new tyres and $568 later it is like new, well as like new as it can be really, it is a nine-year old car. Next time will be around the $700 mark, a service, new shock absorbers and something else I can’t remember, the timing I think. Anyway I had better start saving, I put aside $25 a week for this type of thing, it is amazing how it adds up.

It is anything but quiet here this afternoon, Brian is snoring up a storm, a man can’t hear himself type. Not that I should complain, apparently that is just what I am like through the night but it doesn’t bother me a bit. :)

I have to confess I just woke up from a siesta of my own and realised I had to make an Apple Crumble for dessert tonight. We are going to son Number 2 Ryan’s for tea and I said I would bring dessert. Apple filling is done, I just have to make the topping ready for the oven when we get there. I am looking forward to seeing them tonight, aside from the fact that any day that I see one of my sons is a good day, I have not seen my grandson Cody for a few weeks so I am overdue for a Cody hug.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 April 2014

I had an interesting phone call this morning from Miss Two, my grand-daughter Calais. I could not understand much of what she said but she was obviously happy to be having a chat with Papa bless her. She waffled on for about five minutes and gave me a good chuckle, I love that little girl so much.

This afternoon I met son Number 3 Blake for a quiet father and son lunch at the Midway Tavern. We both had the “Roast of the day” which was not too bad, a couple of drinks, and a good long chat. I just wanted a little Dad time before Blake leaves for Alice Springs in a few days time. Bloody hell I miss him already, he is the first to move away, and hopefully the last. Number 4 Wade did try living in Darwin a few years ago but he was very young and it did not last long. I cried when Wade left and I will cry when Blake leaves, what a sook.

This morning we had our house and yard inspected for termites, great news, the house is termite free, bad news, live termites in both the front and back yards. Next step is a chemical treatment. No use complaining about it, this is all part of owning a house, if we do not maintain it we can not expect top dollar when it comes time to sell it.

The next thing is that we have to get rid of the wooden front steps and replace them with concrete, this was recommended by the termite contractor, there is some wood rot to repair in the gables, the pergola timbers are completely rotten and need to be replaced, and the concrete paths around the house have dropped in places. The big problem with the paths is they have dropped towards the house which means the rain runs under the house. Anyone remember the movie “The Money Pit”, it’s not that bad but it could be if we don’t do some repairs now.

On the plus side I am loving this cooler weather. Goodbye Summer, don’t hurry back.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 April 2014

Brian had a lovely idea this morning, he suggested we drive to Tanunda for lunch and browse the antique stores, I was all for the idea. Watching him move around the house I started to have reservations as he was obviously not having a “good back” day, and I asked him a couple of times if he was sure, stubborn as usual he insisted he was fine. We made it to Munno Para, now he is sleeping. Maybe next weekend. The day has not been a total waste, at least I now have time to do the washing……Lucky me!

Fingers crossed I may have found my pigeon loft, there is a guy not far away that is selling all of his racing pigeons and paraphernalia, and while I was too late to buy his hampers and timing clock, I just might get his loft and perches. He suggested I call back next weekend as he is yet to sell all of his pigeons, you never know I might get some of them as well, but first they need somewhere to live.

None of my favourite shows are on television tonight, no My Kitchen Rules, no Downton Abbey, whatever is a guy to watch?

Time to sign off, I just has a call from Number One son Kane and he is about to pop around with his wife and children, and Number Two son Ryan is coming with his family as well. I said the day was not a total loss. :)

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 April 2014

Last night Brian and I went to do our weekly grocery shopping at Coles Elizabeth, it is a nice store with wide aisles, and being a Friday night it was not particularly busy. One of my pet hates in supermarkets is trying to find a checkout to go through that is not displaying that horrid sign, “This checkout is closed”, I think why not do just one more, how long would it take. Last night I found something I dislike even more, Coles management in their infinite wisdom have decided to do away with these signs, yay you might say, but no what do they do instead, with the checkout person putting through someone else’s shopping they just tell you they are closed and you must find another checkout. Now while there was no excuse for the four letter expletives one old lady sprayed at the poor checkout person, but really, what a ridiculous decision. How can Coles management think this is a good idea.

My beloved Adelaide Crows, what has happened to you, three games for the season and three losses, today was dismal to say the least. I know there are still a lot of games to go but really guys you have to extract the digit, try kicking rather than hand balling, it will not take too long and the season will get away from you. The fans thought last year was bad but this one could be worse. Come on boys, show some pride.

It is unfortunate that the northern suburbs of Adelaide have such a negative stigma about them, many of the inhabitants being referred to as feral. There are good and bad parts of every suburb, and as a new resident in the area I certainly am not feral, however driving around my local streets one could be forgiven for thinking we are all feral. Brian and I have just moved from the western suburbs, clean streets where people take pride in their surroundings, unfortunately that is not the case where we currently reside. Drive around the streets and you will see rubbish strewn all over, even the shopping centre car parks are disgusting. Take some pride people, take your rubbish home and put it in the bin, stop throwing it out your car window.

Number one son Kane came around this morning and put up some vertical blinds for us, they look great thank you son, another job well done. Before Kane left I asked him to help me move the dining room table as Brian cannot help due to his back problem, blow me down when we moved it two of the legs fell off, the look on Kane’s face was priceless. Needless to say he stuck around a bit longer and we again have a very sturdy table.

Like most of Australia my heart goes out to Alex McKinnon, the young rugby league player who is now a quadriplegic after a tackle by three other players last weekend. I do not confess to understanding this game, to me it is a nonsense game, but I do not belive that Jordan McLean should be the only player to be penalised, their were two others with him. I do believe that three-man lift and tackles should be banned, period.




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