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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 March 2012


As I sit here and watch my 7 month old granddaughter Calais play on the floor I can’t help but wonder what her life will be like. She has loving parents and two older brothers that adore her, not to mention the extended family, including me her doting Papa.

No-one could have imagined when my children were her age there would ever be a thing called the internet or the impact it would have on all our lives, what lays ahead of her we cannot hope to imagine. The world is certainly a wondrous place.

I would like to think we live in a safer world than our parents did, I count myself lucky that I did not have to fight a war, and even luckier that my owns sons have been spared that horror. I trust that my grandchildren and indeed their children and grandchildren will also be spared.

Time to go back to the now, me thinks someone needs a clean nappy…..Lol.


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