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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 March 2012

Today started out quite lazily, it was around 10.15 when I finally got up. I must say it has been an odd day as I have not been in a particularly good mood for most of it. Brian really couldn’t do much right today, but that is enough of that. Wouldn’t life be a terrible bore if we were all perfect.

After an early lunch we went to visit Mum in the hospital but found her in a very deep sleep and as we could not rouse her we decided to move on. We finished up at Kane’s where I played with the grandchildren and folded up some washing, riveting stuff! Brian tried to get the girls to tidy their room but was met with some attitude so in the end he gave up, still it was a pleasant enough visit.

Back to the hospital to visit Mum, she was still in a deep sleep so we decided that rather than hang around and wait for her to wake up which was not guaranteed we would go home.

I did sell one of my old records today on eBay, I think it was a bargain, Earth, Wind & Fire Greatest Hits Volume 1 for $1.99, so off to the post office tomorrow to arrange postage to Western Australia. Still no sales of my Bottle Opener so will start looking for a back up product tomorrow. I just might start that book after a bit of job hunting as well.

Anyway tomorrow is the start of another week and I did find a job in Saturday’s paper that I am going to apply for so perhaps this will be the week, one can only hope.

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