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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 March 2012

What a busy day today. First thing we were off to meet friends in Port Adelaide for a pancake breakfast, quite ordinary really and will be in no hurry to go back. We then took a casual stroll through the Port Adelaide markets, very interesting indeed, must go back when we have more time.

Next stop was to pick up my third son Blake as he had to return a truck he had rented, we drove him home and then off to see Mum at the nursing home. Mum looked quite good today, she was sitting up out of bed and was quite coherent.

Our next stop was pizza takeaway and then back to Blake’s as most of the family were coming for lunch to help him celebrate his 25 th birthday tomorrow. Wade and Gink were unable to make it as Wade was working, and Ryan, Melissa and their family could not make lunch but came later. I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow Son, I love you very much.

After leaving Blake’s we stopped in to see Wade and Gink and then I was happy, I had seen all of my children and grandchildren.

Via Facebook I have seen that my cousin Sandi has arrived safely in Copenhagen, Denmark, half her luck, I really would have carried your bags cousin, have a wonderful trip.

I am a tad irritated tonight, one of my favourite TV shows Escape to the Country had been advertising a new episode on Seven 2, but it was a repeat which really crapped me off. I also watched My Kitchen Rules and did not really think the girls from SA should have gone through to the final, but what do I know. I do hope the guys win tomorrow night, that would make it an SA final. Go South Australia.

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