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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 March 2012


Can I begin by wishing my son Blake a very happy 25th birthday, I love you Son.

I am quite perplexed about a news article I heard earlier, something about downgrading ANZAC Day so as not to offend our ethnic population, what a load of hooey. While I have the utmost respect for all Australians and welcome the cultural diversity in this great nation, ANZAC Day is Australia so leave it alone.

Should the Americans stop celebrating Independence Day as they have a similar ethnic population, should the world stop celebrating Easter or Christmas. The world has gone mad and the good-natured people recommending the downgrade of ANZAC Day should concentrate on the real issues. No I don’t really blame them , they were employed to do a job, an unnecessary job but a job. I blame the individual or government department that deemed we needed this committee in the first place, how very un-Australian.

We live in the luckiest country on Earth, one does not have to look far to recognise that, and as such we should celebrate all things Australian, including our cultural diversity. That is my opinion.


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