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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 March 2012


Today has not been the best of days, it has been one of those days where everything I touched turned to crap. I am completely unmotivated and depressed today, this unemployment business is getting me down.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with an agency to be interviewed by a girl who sounds all of 15 over the phone, who had the audacity to tell me I am expected to go dressed as I would for an interview. This girl was probably not even born when I left school, but it is she who will decide whether this agency can help me, my future is in her hands, depressing in itself.

For the moment I need to give her the benefit of the doubt but I am not going in with much confidence or faith. I hope tomorrow is a better day, I do not want too many more of these, I hate this feeling of inadequacy. Does life experience count for nothing…..


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