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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..30 March 2012


Today I finished the first chapter of my book and the second is well and truly underway, if I can’t get a regular job perhaps someone will pay me to be a writer. I may try my hand at children’s’ books once I get my biography finished.

I am arranging a reunion of a group of people I knew at school, scheduled for Saturday 30 June, and I have to say I cannot wait. We all used to be so close and it has been so long since we were last together, not to mention those we have not seen for 30 years or more. I hope it will the first of many reunions to come albeit tinged with a little sadness due to those who are no longer with us. You will be sorely missed Mark and Leanne, we will definitely raise our glasses as you watch on.

I feel the need to add my voice to the growing outrage about bullying, I don’t care whether it is physical or mental, whether it is face to face or cyber, there is no place for it. I remember being bullied at school and also in the workplace, and it was not gender specific, I have been bullied by both sexes.

I have also seen people victimised for what is perceived as a weakness, something as pathetic as having a lisp, oh he must be gay, he has a lisp, have you ever heard anything so narrow minded. Victims of the world unite, do not let your bullies know that you are hurting. Karma is a wonderful thing!


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