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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 April 2012


I have just been watching “McDonalds Gets Grilled”, and although McDonalds were depicted in a favourable light I would find it difficult to believe that all McDonalds restaurants across Australia adhere to the same standards as those televised. To me it is still junk food and I am not a big fan of junk food, but as they say “All things in moderation”.

The one thing I did take from the broadcast was the amount of what appears to be waste, tomatoes that are not the right size or colour, imperfect buns and chicken nuggets. The issue of waste was not discussed but it would be nice to think that the waste products are not actually wasted, as there is really nothing wrong with them. It would be my hope that these products could be used to feed the homeless or perhaps animals.

Earlier in the evening there was an article about the Janoskians on A Current Affair, a group of five teenage boys causing somewhat of a nuisance  of themselves in public places. Now while I do not advocate this kind of behaviour these kids are really doing nothing wrong, the whole thing was quite funny really, as it is intended to be. I certainly hope the authorities do not come down on these boys, at least they are having some good-natured fun and not doing any harm to the community.


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