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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 April 2012


Today is my time to vent, I am so very frustrated that I do not know where to start. It appears that my 36 years in the work force and my life experience count for nothing, I have been unemployed for almost six weeks and how many interviews have I had in that time 2, how many jobs have I applied for many. It appears that unless you have some formal qualification you are confined to the scrap heap.

Do I feel rejected, you bet I do. Do I feel that I have gone over my “best before date” probably, but I most certainly am not passed my “use by date”. I still have a lot to offer, I just need to find someone who agrees with me.

In the meantime to all of you that don’t like what you are doing, and I have been there so I know where you are coming from, be bloody grateful that you have something to do. The years will fly by and retirement will be upon you before you know it, there will be plenty of time to do nothing then.

I must keep telling myself that every life experience I have, and unfortunately unemployment is one of them, is just part of my life’s journey, and there is simply no avoiding the bumps along the way.

Perhaps I should have called today’s blog “Thoughts of a grumpy middle aged man”.



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