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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 April 2012


Just before logging on here tonight I was checking my Facebook page and was met with a horrible picture of child abuse. This is something I will never understand, children do not ask to come into this world, all a child wants is to be loved, and they deserve no less.

It makes me think back to my last couple of blogs and the subject of karma, I can only hope that the perpetrators of these ghastly crimes do get their just rewards, and that the innocent victims can somehow move forward and lead happy, fulfilling lives. Let us hope that violence does not beget violence.

I spent more time on my book today which is really starting to take shape, I am really quite pleased with it. I do fear that at the current rate it will take a very long time to complete, but literary genius cannot be rushed. 🙂

One thing I am learning in this life is that you cannot take yourself too serioulsy.


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