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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..16 April 2012


I had quite a productive today, I have applied for two jobs and I would be very happy with either of them so fingers crossed. These are the first two that I really feel comfortable with.

I have also found a company that may be able to help me get my book published, that has given me the push I need to finish it.

Another positive, I have had an idea for a website and have checked on Google and there is very little competition, I also found very cheap hosting. In addition I am working on a brochure I had an idea for that I am going to try to sell to small businesses.

Now while this may all sound like a lot of hooey to some, if it gives me the impetus and the confidence to move forward they are all good things.

Kane’s eldest daughter Caitlin is staying with us tonight as I have to take her for a blood test in the morning and then drop her back home, it feels good to be able to help my kids when they need it. I have been warned that she may be a bit of a lala about it but that’s fine by me, I am a lala when it comes to blood tests as well.

I see there is quite a backlash about Hamish Blake winning the Gold Logie last night, sorry Hamish but I agree, the Gold Logie should go to an all round entertainer you are too one-dimensional.


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