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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 April 2012


I was up at 7.00 this morning, something unheard of for me lately, as I had to take my granddaughter Caitlin for a blood test. Her mother Kristin had warned me that Caitlin would be kicking and screaming but she took it very well. She sat on my lap and I talked her through it and tried to draw her attention to other things in the room and it worked, I was very proud of her.

In the waiting room was a little girl who was about 3 years old if she was lucky, poor little angel, lucky she was not. It was obvious she is a cancer patient as she had a scar from the base of her neck to about half way up the back of her head. When you see such a small child going though so much you realise how easy your own life really is, why does a child have to suffer like this?

After taking Caitlin home I was sitting upstairs on the computer when I heard something outside, I looked down and there was my 11-year-old step grandson on his scooter coming up the driveway. He is staying with his Nana who was having a coffee with a friend over the road so he decided to drop in, it was a lovely surprise.

I went over the road with him and spoke to his Nana and her friend for a bit and then it was time for lunch as I needed to get a train to meet Brian for dinner at his mothers.

Back home now and feeling tired after my early start so off to bed for me. Bye for now!


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