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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 April 2012


Not much going on today, I have spent much of it writing. There were no jobs of any interest which is becoming frustrating.

I heard on the news today the Gillard government is going to offer $1,000 to any employer willing to hire someone of mature age, and the average unemployment period for someone around my age is over 12 months, is there any good news?

I am fed up with employment agencies as well, I am registered with three and have not had a single call from any of them.

Brian’s back has not been very good lately he is in a lot of pain again and is ageing before his time, still it could be a lot worse.

We did watch some interesting television for a change tonight, but everything is becoming so hum drum, I need stimulation.

The reunion I am arranging with my old school friends is proving difficult to arrange as well. What started out as a simple idea is not that simple, anyway it will all be worth it to see all those wonderful old friends again.


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