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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 April 2012


I had to laugh at Brian last night, he had 4 chocolates left over from Easter so I decided to hide them around the house. To start with he found it quite amusing, I had hidden 3 where I knew he would find them, but that last one, well I knew that would test him. I kept him going for a couple of hours before I finally gave in, and it had been right under his nose all along. I suppose you had to be there really.

Today we visited Mum at the nursing home, she has been in hospital again and was still rather confused and disorientated today. She swears she is not in her original room and that all her belongings have been moved to a new room and she was none too happy. I assured her she was in the same room and she seemed to settle a bit.

Throughout the course of our visit Mum mentioned that she missed reading, she basically has no control over her hands anymore so it is impossible for her to hold a book and turn the pages. Before we left I arranged for her to start getting audio books and she was thrilled.

When then dropped into Kane’s for a short visit before heading to Brian’s mothers for an even shorter one.

Son number 2 Ryan called me tonight asking what I am doing in the morning, he than corrected himself and said early in the morning, I should have known I was not going to like this one. Dad will be up at 6.15 in the morning Son, and I will pick you up and take you to your appointment. You are very lucky that I love you.

Good night!


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