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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 April 2012


Not much going on today, although I was disturbed early this morning. When I looked outside I saw an elderly couple going through our recycle bin looking for bottles and cans, quite sad really that people have to do this.

A little later in the day I went for a walk. As I am not working I have put on some pud around the middle which I need to remove, and walking is the best low impact method of weight loss I can think of. I have my next diabetes check in June and if I don’t lose the weight prior to that I will not only get a lecture from my doctor, but may need medication to control my diabetes which I do not want.

I got my first writing job today but 5 minutes into it the site I was working on went down, that was the end of that for the moment.

Tonight we were expecting to babysit 5 of our grandchildren but finished up with Jade only, she was so good, she is adorable. We sat through two kid’s movies until she finally fell asleep, then it was our turn but nothing really much on show.

Blake has just picked Jade up, he has been playing night golf with glow in the dark golf balls. What will they think of next?


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