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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 April 2012

Brian’s mother came for lunch today, I cooked roast chicken. The chicken was huge, more of a small turkey really, it was not the greatest meal I have done.

After lunch I settled down to watch the Adelaide Crows and Port Power play football, and the mighty Crows prevailed by 19 points. It has to be said that Port did give them a scare, they were in it right up to the end.

Dancing With The Stars was a bit of an anti climax tonight, I probably should have watched the Sound of Music for the hundred and second time. I am looking forward to the Jersey Boys stage show coming to Adelaide later in the year, Brian will be taking me for my birthday in November.

Bones was fascinating tonight, the writers on that show must have incredible minds, and the researchers do an amazing job.

Tomorrow is another day, the start of another week of job hunting. I have not paid much attention to my book of late as I have been trying to get Graham’s Goodies off the ground, and I still have some ideas for that, but I must get back to the book as well.

Brian and I had a very small win on X-Lotto last week, just enough to pay for this week. It would be a dream come true to win the $50,000,000 jackpot this week, I promise to share.

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