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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 May 2012


Today was Dad’s 77 th birthday. What do you buy the man who has everything, something he will enjoy, a gift voucher from the TAB. Dad has always loved the horses.

Like  a good son I went and saw Dad and my stepmother Joy for his birthday. It was a nice visit, we talked, we laughed, we reminisced about all things Mitchell. Dad is looking quite old now and becoming frail which is a bit of a shock really. Then there is my stepmother, she has always been a very strong woman both mentally and physically, she has been Dad’s rock for years and to see her rapidly decline due to Alzheimer’s is just so sad.

As you can imagine Joy’s illness is taking its toll on Dad as well. It must be a difficult thing to know that one day your life’s partner will not even know who you are.

Dad said that Joy obviously still remembers me clearly as when she is uncomfortable around “strangers’ she retreats to another room. Today she actively engaged in conversation, after all these years it is nice to know that I can still trigger happy memories for her.

Dad has now made the painful decision to sell their home of 36 years and relocate to where Joy can get the care she needs but still have him close. We joked about the garage sale he will have to remove 36 years of clutter, and 36 years of happy memories of their life together.

Still it was a nice visit, I just hope it is not the last time that Joy will remember me. She has been a wonderful stepmother.


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