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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 May 2012

After a very lazy morning I had a busy afternoon. Today we went to Caitlin’s birthday party at a local park, all 8 grandchildren were there so it was a good afternoon. They are still at the age where they enjoy seeing Brian and I, but I suppose that will change soon enough as they get older, they won’t want to see Papa, that’s boring. Calais in particular was apparently quite excited to see us, she jumped for joy.

We picked up Jade as Blake could not attend the party and just before we left it started to rain so Jade sat underneath our umbrella to eat her birthday cake. While I was standing their covering Jade, Jayden walked up and gave me a big hug just because he wanted to, he is so cute.

Zak was full on, he nearly got knocked out by a swing but Papa saved the day and wrenched him out of the way, he seemed more put out by that to be honest. Alyssa played by herself a bit which I often see her do, that bothers me I must say. Bailey played football and Cody just wanted to do everything. Brian took most of the grandchildren for a walk to feed the birds but a swan got just a bit too close for Jayden’s comfort so he tried to kick it away.

Now I feel sick, I have a headache, an earache, and a sore throat, what a lovely end to the day. Off to bed, hope I feel better in the morning.

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