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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 May 2012


I have had a fairly productive day today, I did the washing and then some marketing for Graham’s Goodies. Tonight I grilled some fish for dinner and made rice pudding for dessert, much better than the mush my mother called rice pudding…Sorry Mum!

This afternoon I spoke to two old and very dear friends and told them about our upcoming reunion next month, both ladies said they would come which is great news. I know a lot of people who will be very happy to see them both.

Now for a bit of a gripe. Did anyone watch The Living Room, a new lifestyle program on Channel 10. I suppose a better question is will anyone ever watch it again, what a terrible show. After all the hype you expect something a bit different which it was, but not in a good way.

Channel 72 what are you doing? One of my favourite shows is Escape to the Country but all we are getting now is repeats and “best of” shows, and some of the repeats are not that old. I have had a winge about this before, all the television stations are guilty of repeat after repeat after repeat, get your act together. There is a world full of television out there bring in something new.

One show I did enjoy was The Long March, this was about allied prisoners of war during WW2, what these men went through was truly horrendous. We are so lucky to live in a generation that has not experienced war on that scale, we really must take our hats off to all veterans and serving personnel. Thank you.


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