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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..12 May 2012


The Adelaide Crows proved today they are contenders and not just pretenders by beating Geelong. It was a very good game, I can’t belive this is the same team that played last year. I was worried they would take their foot of the pedal after halftime and Geelong may have clawed their way back, but the Crows played four quarters, it was a treat to watch.

Brian and I have just watched a very funny movie, The Inbetweeners, we highly recommend it. The movie is based on a British television comedy of the same name and it is always good for a laugh.

Speaking of a laugh, earlier in the evening we watched the Graham Norton show, a British chat show. Julie Walters was a guest and she is hysterical, if I ever see her biography I will definitely buy it.

As you know I have started walking regularly to lose weight and get a little fitter, but with Brian’s back problem he has been unable to join me, until today that is. This morning we walked down to the local shops and back which for Brian is quite an achievement. Fingers crossed he is finally on the mend.

As we all know tomorrow is Mother’s Day so we have to be up early to make the obligatory rounds. I hope all you mothers have a great day.


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