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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..14 May 2012


Tonight I had intended to vent my frustrations about my ignorant siblings but they will have to wait for tomorrow night. I have just come upstairs after watching QandA and there was simply so much discussed that begs my opinion I cannot resist.

Firstly on the issue of gay marriage, while marriage is not for Brian and I, I do feel it is everybody’s right to make their own choices, so I do support gay marriage. It is not my fault, nor anyone elses for that matter, if they happen to fall in love with someone of the same sex. This will be an issue at the next election, maybe not an official issue, but a factor of consideration for many voters.

This leads me to the discussion on whether children need both a mother and a father, I think not. All children want is to be loved, does it matter the gender of their parents as long as they are receiving that love, no it does not. With the increase in divorce just how many children are raised with both a mother and a father. I know of a number of families where there is a single parent and no communication with the other parent, those children are no less advantaged than children from a two parent dysfunctional family. Blood counts for nothing, it is what is in your heart that matters.

Now the question of equality in Australia. All Australians are equal on the surface but scratch beneath that surface and that is another matter. I do not agree with  the baby bonus, nor do I agree with paid maternity or paternity leave. Having been a small business owner I know what that would have done to me as a business owner. What I do believe in is means testing and helping those that really do need it, and this includes foreign aid. Australia must take its place in the world and be seen to do its bit lest some other country decide we have too much and try to take it another way.

That is my opinion.


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