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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..16 May 2012


Today I picked my granddaughter Alyssa up after school and took her to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital as her sister Caitlin had minor surgery. Caitlin is home now and will be fine, but I did learn something that quite upset me.

When Caitlin was 18 months old she contracted pneumococcal meningitis that nearly claimed her life and left her completely deaf. Not long after her recovery she was fitted with a cochlear implant so she can hear from one ear, although she is also very good at lip-reading if need be.

Caitlin seems to contract infection after infection and we have now found out that she has a significant problem with her immune system, and probably always has done, which may well be why she got ill as a toddler. The upshot is that her immune system may never be normal and she will require monthly intravenous shots of antibiotics to maintain her health, this could well continue for the rest of her life.

Not a bad prognosis when you consider the plight of so many children less fortunate and something she will get used to.

In the meantime there is something odd going on in my life at the moment that I cannot explain, and I certainly do not understand. I can only hope that tomorrow things will be clearer.


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