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I have just watched an interview with a father who lost his daughter because she took one ecstasy pill, not one too many, just one. That was seventeen years ago but his life has never been the same. As a parent I can only imagine his pain, I am fortunate that I have four wonderful sons, however I have lost a nephew to drugs, another nephew in a motor cycle accident, and a friend in a motor accident.

How do we stop this, no government seems to really take this issue by the horns. Granted we do have television ads but they are easy to ignore and let’s face it what good are television ads if you are not watching television.

To me the answer is a simple one, tackle this issue head on in the school system, and make it compulsory that all students attend, make it part of the curriculum. As speakers have the parents that have lost their children, young people who have lost siblings, victims who have been left debilitated, whose lives have changed forever. Let these kids see the pain and suffering.

Let’s take it one step further, before any young person can sit their driving test they must produce a certificate stating they have attended this lecture at school, no certificate no licence. This may sound extreme but if it saves lives is it not worth it?

Now for the offenders, by all means fine them, but from the very first offence, as well as any subsequent offence, make them do community service, but in a way that it hits home. Make them confront the victims of “their” actions by helping out in hospital wards, rehabilitation centres, make them work with those who have been disabled by drugs or speeding or drink driving.

We must make all governments take this on board. If you agree with me please share this with all your friends, we simply must get this message across, who knows who could be next.


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