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Thoughts of a middle age man…..22 May 2012


Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of my paternal grandmother, she died on the 71 st birthday of her husband, my grandfather, who would have been 101 today. Grandpa passed six and a half years later in 1988. I hope that other members of my family remember you both as I do, you were the most wonderful grandparents, and Grandma I really miss your Pavlova.

I found out today I am on the shortlist for a job, it is one that I really want and I could not be happier. Send all your positive vibes my way family and friends and this time next week I will have some good news for a change.

Brian and I both enjoyed dinner tonight, marinated loin lamb chops with seasoned potatoes, damn good if I do say so.

I added another link to Graham’s Goodies today, you can now purchase eBooks, go to http://www.grahamsgoodies.net/pigeon_racing.html.

I am really getting into the new television show on Channel 10 Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, the acting is pretty good, and then on comes NCIS, another repeat. I am so tired of repeats.

It is now past my bewitching hour, I need my beauty sleep.


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