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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 May 2012


Tonight I thought I would watch the Eurovision Song Contest to fill in some time. The very first act was a guy from Montenegro, simply terrible, I won’t make that mistake again. I have to admit the second act from Iceland were better but I just could not get into it.

Julia Zemiro hosted a special in the lead up to the song contest where she travelled through Europe in a combi van interviewing past performers and winners, that was interesting. With the breakup of the USSR and Yugoslavia there are now so many more European countries to see.

I have to admit though that Azerbaijan did seem to be doing a good job of hosting the contest. I don’t know what I expected the capital Baku to look like, but it was much more modern than I imagined.

Tonight’s dinner was poached smoked cod with a cheese sauce. Brian said it was the best fish meal I had ever done, I have to admit it was not bad.

My sister Carolyn phoned tonight and told me how much she enjoyed one of Blake’s recent wrestling shows, she said he is very talented, gets it from his father. High Risk Pro Wrestling is the name of his company, next time you see them advertised give it a go, it is a cheap night out and the kids love it. Good on you Son.


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