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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 May 2012


Dinner tonight was pork fillet stuffed with blue cheese and finger, that’s right finger. As I was slicing the pork fillets to stuff them I put a 20cm slice through my finger, that’s one way of getting Brian to cook. He is no Florence Nightingale but he did the best job he could dressing the wound, never any duct tape around when I need it. After all that dinner was a disaster, not Brian’s fault really, I think it was the finger.

After dinner we went to Mellissa’s 30th birthday party. Mellissa is the mother of my eldest grandson Cody. Kane and Kristin went as well so I got to see five of my grandchildren. We did not stay that long as Brian’s back was a bit sore tonight, must have been the after affect of cooking dinner.

The theme of the party was the 80s as Mellissa was born in 1982; Brian and I do not do themes so we went dressed as we would for any other party. I had to have a laugh as not long after we arrived one of Mellissa’s younger guests asked Brian if he came dressed as Buddy Holly. Lord knows who he thought I was.

Not a good night for the Adelaide Crows tonight but at least they were not really disgraced, you have to lose one now and then. Fingers crossed the loss will make them hungry for another win next week.

Off to bed now, I have to rest my finger 🙂




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