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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 May 2012


Brian and I do not watch Masterchef, he is not really into reality shows but I am a junkie, particularly for cooking shows, anyway I watched the repeats today. They did a Yumcha challenge split into two teams and I have to say that the “Captain” of the Red team was not a very good sport. After relinquishing most of her role to another team member because she was not familiar with the cuisine, she then proceeded  to stab that team member in the back when they lost. Not very Australian Deb.

Jessica Watson was finally put out of her misery on Dancing With The Stars tonight. As I have said previously I admire her for giving it a go but she was painful to watch, the poor girl has no rhythm and very little television presence. In saying that I congratulate her on receiving an Order of Australia Medal. I also think the judges were very hard on Johnny Ruffo, this kid can dance, he does have a presence, and he is very likable, I hope you go all the way Johnny.

Downton Abbey, another really good episode, aside from The Tudors this is the best television drama to come out of Britain.

I am afraid to say I had a bit of a laugh at Brian’s expense tonight. As Brian and I do not share television viewing tastes, particularly on a Sunday night, he went upstairs to do his thing whilst I did mine. When it became time for our tastes to combine again he came downstairs, sideways in a  crab like fashion as his back was sore. Three steps from the bottom his back seized up and he was just stuck there, we both laughed and he finally made it back to the lounge, although it is really no joking matter.

A quote from The Secret, “Your current thoughts are creating your future life. What you think about the most or focus on the most will appear as your life. Your thoughts become things”.

This is the week I am going to land myself a job.


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