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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 May 2012


Tonight Brian and I attended a cocktail party in the Balcony Room at Parliament House. The function was given by the Liberal Party for new members and it was very enjoyable. As we arrived a little early we were led to the public gallery to see parliament in session.

During the function Isobel Redmond who is the leader of The Opposition Liberal Party in the SA Parliament gave a speech and she is really quite charismatic, she spoke beautifully. If all South Australians could hear her speak as openly and passionately as we did tonight the Liberals would be in power in South Australia.

We met a number of other Liberals MPs and all were very warm and friendly, and were particularly interested in our time as small business owners. In fact we had made the acquaintance of Adrian Pederick, the MP for Hammond and a shadow minister, during our time in Clayton Bay

The Balcony Room obviously has its name because it has a balcony, what most people don’t know is that the balcony was built so the early parliamentarians could monitor the sports scores at Adelaide Oval. When Don Dunstan built the Adelaide Festival Theatre that was no longer possible so the balcony is now used predominantly by smokers, how is that for some trivia.

As I was standing on the balcony I thought back to the time when the City Baths were on the site roughly where the Festival Theatre is, a bygone age when life so much simpler. If only it could be again.


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