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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..30 May 2012


I am quietly confident that today’s interview went well, I am down to the final 3 but won’t know anymore until mid next week, it will be a long wait.

After my interview I went to see Dad and my stepmother Joy. Joy has Alzheimer’s therefore Dad has made the painful decision to sell their home and move to a retirement village that also has a nursing home for when he can no longer look after Joy. Dad and I went for a drive so he could show me their new home, it is not far from their current address so the area is still familiar and their friends will still be close.

As you can imagine they have a lifetime of treasures that will not fit into their new home therefore some culling is required, this was the purpose of todays’ visit. Dad and I walked around and I took notes on the things he feels might be worth that something extra, and my mission is to research their value so he does not get ripped off. He is also planning quite a major garage sale.

I could not believe some of the things he showed me, some of which I have been looking at for years but they just don’t register until you have to do something with them. I am fortunate to be having the pianola so it can stay in the family but it is mind-blowing just how much else there is.

I feel terribly sorry for them both as neither wants to leave their home, but if nothing else Dad and Joy have both always been fairly practical and they realise they have little choice. The poor old bugger, that does not make it any easier for him.

He is also losing sleep as he had assumed that when his time came he would still be in that house and his wishes were that he be cremated and his ashes sprinkled under one of his fruit trees, that will now not be possible. That is one of the most bitter pills to swallow, it made me quite sad but I am glad we got to spend that time together and have a bit of a chat, I shall never forget it.


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