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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..31 May 2012

This week is turning out to be OK as tomorrow I have another interview, I would be very happy with either job.

I have started looking for buyers for some of Dad’s things, so far I have an approximate value for his taxidermied crocodile and a collector that may be interested in his beer collection, it’s a good start.

Now I have a confession to make, the other day I went into Adelaide by train and a young aboriginal male got into the same carriage. He made no attempt to validate a ticket and he looked quite scruffy, the stereotypical urban Aboriginal youth. I actually felt uneasy as he sat quite close to me.

Anyway his stop came before Adelaide  and as he was about to get off the train he took a backwards step and to my surprise he was making way for an elderly lady to get on the train. I feel quite ashamed as I do not consider myself racist nor a bigot, but I judged this boy on the colour of his skin, and other than the train ticket he proved me wrong; I am truly sorry. By the way I have seen a lot of white Australians who do not validate their tickets.

Today I have been speaking to the company that hosts Graham’s Goodies and they have given me a few new marketing ideas to help get the business off the ground, ideas I hope to implement over the next few days.

Off to bed now so I can be fresh for tomorrow’s interview. Wish me luck.

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