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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 June 2012

Today started out full of promise and I was up nice and early to watch the Channel 10 Breakfast show. I don’t normally watch the Channel 10 show but as my cousin was being interviewed I watched it, I won’t be watching it again. I have to say that I found Paul Henry rude and pompous and did not appreciate him referring to my cousin as the McMenamin woman. Somebody should remind him it was his station that contacted my cousin for an interview and not the other way around.

After that my day went pretty much downhill, I got a call from my doctor’s office to say that my blood test results could have been better and I have to go back so we can discuss where to proceed from here. It is nothing life threatening at the moment but if we don’t control it there could be significant problems down the track. Anyway he is on holidays for a couple of weeks so it will have to wait until he returns.

Tonight has been one disappointment after another but I won’t dwell on it, suffice to say I have been let down.

Tomorrow is another day and tomorrow night is the big reunion with my oldest and dearest friends, definitely something to look forward to.

Thank you for reading.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 June 2012

Today I had to see my doctor for a three-month check on my diabetes, what a little ray of sunshine he was. Would I like the good new or the bad news, the good news is you have lost more weight, the bad news is your blood pressure is up, your good cholesterol is too low, and your bad cholesterol is too high. Not all doom and gloom though, at least I have a pulse.

What to do I ask, yet another blood test and call me for the results in two weeks and we will decide how to move forward.

Not much on television tonight, well not after The Block anyway, what will we do next week? Just as well there was not much on really as Brian spent most of the night asleep on the lounge, but he wasn’t snoring, just breathing very loudly. I will be in trouble for that one 🙂

Check out my cousin’s latest Youtube video, her name is Sandi McMenamin and a song she wrote thirty years ago entitled “Adelaide You’re A Lady” is going off big time. This is the only song I have ever heard written about our beautiful city.

Now for the great asylum seeker debate, I have to confess I do not really know just what the government is proposing, all I have to say is that for ordinary people to go to the lengths the boat people do to flee their own countries things must be bad overseas. Perhaps we should make it easier for them to migrate by official channels, but maybe I am oversimplifying it.

Thank you for reading.


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 June 2012

There has been quite a hullabaloo today about a newly commissioned Sikh police officer wearing his turban rather than the traditional policeman’s hat. Personally I don’t think it should matter one iota what type of headgear this officer wears, and I am certain that if you were on the receiving end of an act of bravery by this man you wouldn’t either.

In saying that I can understand to a point what the ruckus is about and I also understand it is Sikh doctrine to wear a turban, so there must be a way for this officer to be honest to his religion whilst still giving the appearance of being an Australian police officer, perhaps, and I am not sure of the correct terminology so please forgive me, the mini turban we see so may Sikh sportsmen wear is an alternative. I actually feel terrible even suggesting this as I believe he should be allowed to wear his turban, an opinion that is not shared by members of my own family, but we live in a democracy so you get that.

Tonight Brian and I took his mother to Hungry Jacks at Gilles Plains for tea, I know it’s not that flash but she enjoys it now and then as it is something she would not do on her own. Take the big tip people, the meal was terrible, they were under staffed and under trained, give that outlet a miss.

I have just sat through the first three episodes of Mrs Brown’s Boys and whilst Brian was rolling around with laughter I was bored senseless. I can only hope that next week there will only be one episode.

To close a quote from The Secret, “It takes no time for the Universe to manifest what you want. It is as easy to manifest one dollar as it is to manifest one million dollars”. I’m aiming a bit higher than that, $30,000,000 this Saturday night in the lotto will be just fine. Thank you. 🙂

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 June 2012

Brian had to have today off work as he is in terrible pain with his back. His normal physiotherapist is on annual leave and his replacement has really upset the apple cart albeit not intentionally. Today Brian slept until lunch time and is in bed again now but he can barely walk. We both know there are a lot of people worse off in this world but it is distressing to see someone you love in so much pain.

I have now reached the conclusion than Indian cuisine is off-limits for me. A few months ago we had dinner with friends at a Nepalese restaurant and though I enjoyed the food my body revolted, the same thing has happened tonight after eating a korma I made. Food that is too oily or greasy also upsets my stomach, it looks like I may have to find some new favourites.

Today my granddaughter Caitlin had the first of the monthly treatments she must have for the rest of her life for Commune Variable Immune Deficiency, CVID, where she has an intravenous drip of immunoglobulins to boost her immune system. Despite being only 9 years old she had the treatment with barely a murmur, I am so proud of her.

Yesterday was the third anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson, others “stars” to leave us too young  were Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Princess Diana and many more. Why can’t we let these souls rest in peace, I am so fed up with the muck raking, the gory details of their autopsies, does anyone actually think about what this does to those left behind. By all means let us celebrate these wonderful people, but please let them rest in peace.


Thoughts of middle aged man…..25 June 2012

Well that has really crapped me off, I spent all afternoon putting our Port collection on Gumtree only to find out tonight that Gumtree has removed them as you cannot sell alcohol through their site. Oh well, Gumtree’s loss will be eBay‘s gain tomorrow.

Wasn’t tonight’s episode of Revenge another good one, and it looks like next week will be even better. Every time you think you have this program sorted out there is another twist, and the acting is just superb. Brian is one very picky customer but even he is totally enthralled by this show; if only he would give Downton Abbey a go I am sure he would enjoy that as well.

Body of Proof with Dana Delaney is another one of those few shows that have got Brian. Tonight’s episode guest starred Mrs Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, as a murderess. There were so many twists in this episode that I did not see the end coming, another very good show.

Finally I have been able to get our washing done, now all I need is for it to dry. How’s that for a boring piece of trivia to get the word count up? It just goes to show how exciting my day has been.

To close a quote from The Secret, “To lose weight, don’t focus on “losing weight“. Instead, focus on your perfect weight. Feel the feelings of your perfect weight, and you will summon it to you”. Thank you.


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 June 2012

Today has not really been a day to remember, the Adelaide Crows were well and truly trounced, one can only hope it will make them hungry for victory next week.

Nothing very inspiring on television other than The Block and Downton Abbey, the acting in this show is just wonderful.  Billy Connolly’s new show Route 66  was mildly amusing, it was interesting to learn a little more about the Amish, but Castle was a bit strange.

Tonight I am extremely tired and when I get tired I get grumpy so I think Brian will be glad to see me go to bed tonight, not that I have taken it out on him I just have not been the best company. I think its time to go to bed and confine this day to the annals of history. Thank you for reading.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 June 2012

I have had a very busy day today, up at 7.30 this morning which is unheard of for me on a Saturday. I had to be at Dad‘s by 10.00 to meet the removalist van as today I got my pianola, and quite unexpectedly approximately 160 music scrolls to go with it. This afternoon was spent finding a home for said scrolls.

At Dad’s I met my stepmother’s nephew Craig; Dad and Joy have been married for nearly 40 years but this is the first time I have met any of her family. I am so grateful to Craig for all the help he is giving Dad at the moment, as he prepares for their move to the retirement village.

Tonight Brian and I looked after our youngest granddaughter Calais whilst her parents went out for dinner. As usual she was an absolute angel, she is such a beautiful little girl although she does have her father’s temper. Fortunately for me she decided to crap her nappy after her parents got home so I got out of that one.

Just after the kids left I got an unexpected call from my cousin Sandi who was in the area and popped in for a cup of tea and a chat, it was a lovely surprise. Sandi has just left and after my early start this morning I am ready for bed.

Goodnight and thank you.