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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..4 June 2012

Most of today I spent at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital with my daughter-in-law Kristin  as my granddaughter Caitlin was ill, she has Common Variable Immune Deficiency or CVID for short. This is something Caitlin was born with so at the moment she is still very susceptible to all sorts of bugs until such time as they get her onto a suitable treatment program.

The treatment will entail monthly intravenous shots in hospital to boost her immune system, quite possibly for the rest of her life, although as she gets older there is another method she will be able to do from home herself. My poor baby girl, if it is not one thing it is another, but at least now they know what has been causing all her sickness throughout her entire life. At least she is not as afraid of needles as she used to be, I take pride in the fact that I taught her how to deal with them and she now handles them exceptionally well.

Zak and Alyssa were with us and they were both so good, Zak cannot get his mouth around their word for me which is Papa so has taken to calling me Pappy, I can only hope he grows out of that one.

The television show Revenge was worth watching again tonight, I am looking forward to next weeks episode already.

Time for bed now, I stayed up far too late last night watching the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee flotilla on the Thames, and after being with my grandchildren all day this little old man is pooped.

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