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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 June 2012


Today is Brian’s mother’s 77th birthday. Happy Birthday mother-in-law.

I have just watched the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert and overall I enjoyed it, the backdrop effects on Buckingham Palace were beautiful and the Queen looked radiant. It was great to see the entire Royal Family together, with the exception of Prince Philip, and having such a wonderful time, they all looked so relaxed.

Highlights for me were Kylie Minogue who I think stole the show, along with Tom Jones, Elton John, and Paul McCartney. Cliff Richard I think should retire, he is truly past his prime, Grace Jones was pathetic, and Annie Lennox was not much better.

The speech that Prince Charles made at the end of the concert was endearing. It must be difficult for him knowing he it is unlikely he will have a jubilee of any sort if in fact he becomes King at all. Queen Camilla, the very thought sends shudders down my spine, she has no grace or poise and is just plain awkward.

I suppose my generation is the last to feel any reverence to the Queen. I clearly remember standing for our former national anthem, God Save The Queen, in movie theatres, and she was always toasted at special events like weddings. I think my own wedding in 1980 was the last time I saw this done.

This brings me to the hot topic of whether Australia should become a republic, my feelings on that matter tomorrow night.


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