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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 June 2012


Well here I go, if this does not cause a stir I don’t know what will. Should Australia become a republic, absolutely not, if it aint broke don’t fix it. We have had the same form of government since 1901 why change things for the sake of change. I know people say we lack our own identity but I do not think the world views Australia as a vassal state of Great Britain, we are an independent country and we are given the respect that entails, because as a nation we have taken our place on the world stage.

I suppose though that change is inevitable, as I said yesterday my generation is probably the last generation which shows any reverence to the Royal Family, but that does not mean reverence to Westminster, actual government is quite different.

How is this for a radical idea, look at some of the wealthiest and most peaceful countries in the world and their systems of government, constitutional monarchy. Japan, Belgium, the Scandinavian countries, all have constitutional monarchies and the system works, just as it does in Great Britain. Monarchies are good for tourism, they give a sense of nationalism, history and stability, governments, presidents and prime ministers come and go but the monarchy is always there.

I know I am a royalist from way back but I can’t help but think how much better off countries like Greece, Italy and others might be today if they had retained a sense of nationalism with their royal family.

What if Australia became an independent constitutional monarchy with our own Royal Family, perhaps Prince Harry could become our first king? Hows that for a radical idea, just as well we live in a democracy, free speech and all that. For those of you who think I have flipped my lid, you are probably right. The old boy has finally lost it.

God save the Queen because nothing will save Graham Mitchell. Ah, just as well I don’t take life too serioulsy 🙂


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