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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 June 2012


I recently saw an interview with Gerry Harvey of Harvey Norman fame, in which he canned the level of customer service in some Harvey Norman outlets. Mr Harvey can I suggest you visit the Woodville store in South Australia, the service is non-existent.

Today Brian wanted to price DVD recorders, do you think we could get served, not a snowball’s chance in hell. Were the staff serving other customers, not likely, they were standing around talking to each other, we were there for twenty minutes and eventually walked out.

It seems that the powers that be have decided the two young swimmers who posted a photograph of themselves on Facebook holding guns  have decided these boys need to be punished, they will be sent home as soon as they have completed competition at the Olympics, and may face some other disciplinary action. Granted this was not the wisest decision these boys have made, and yes both have made errors of judgement in the past, but get over yourself, they have done something stupid so a reprimand is sufficient. Who hasn’t done something stupid, they did not break any laws, give the boys a break.

I have just watched Lethal Weapon 4 which must be close to 20 years old but I still enjoyed it. Mel Gibson what at his best in these movies, much better than the Mad Max movies, although Braveheart remains my all time favourite of his films.

I have now finished reading The Power which I found just as interesting as The Secret, both are very motivating books, and today I bought the next book in the series The Magic. Watch this space for quotes.


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