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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..10 June 2012

This afternoon Brian and I visited Mum at the nursing home, she was a bit vague. As she does not have a lot to talk about and she cannot remember from one visit to the next you get the same story time and again.  Mum did mention a family lunch for her brother’s birthday which she enjoyed the other week but she said they stayed out for dinner as well which is most unlikely.

I think Mum forgets what a normal life outside of the nursing home is like and she complained she does not get enough visitors. The reality is that she gets visitors regularly but her days are all a blur as she really has no idea of the day, date, or time.

After that we went to Kane and Kristin’s for a cup of tea and to see their 4 children, before going to Ryan and Melissa’s for tea and seeing two of their children. We had a lovely meal at Ryan’s and a great visit. Ryan’s daughter Calais is ten months old this week and Brian fed her her dinner, but he was a bit slow and she let him know it. This is one baby that knows what she wants and when she wants it, usually five minutes ago.

Brian tried to tape Dancing With The Stars for me, that’s right tape it, but the damn video did not work properly anyway we were home for the last 45 minutes, time enough to see Brendon Fevola get voted off. I am looking forward to the finale next week, fingers crossed for Johnny Ruffo to take home the mirror ball.

I can hear Brian coming upstairs to bed and I am tired so until tomorrow, Good Night.

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