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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 June 2012

Brian and I had a very lazy morning, we did not get up until after 11.00. After brunch we both had showers then it was off to his mother’s house.

We decided to go looking at display homes, Brian in particular likes doing this but I get tired of it easily. House after house just seemed to be more of the same today although one thing did come out of it, I am definitely over stairs, I think a nice split level next time. Each set of stairs we climbed my knees ached more and more, and his mother could not be bothered after the first couple, hang on, maybe that could be a bonus 🙂

I don’t know where the decorators of these homes get their ideas, most of them are hideously decorated, and what passes for art these days is not art. Most of the “sales people” at the display homes don’t really seem to give a fig either, we are just intruders on their weekend.

Tonight’s episode of Revenge was a disappointment, a compilation of the series to date, if I had known that I would have watched something else this week.

So that was the last long weekend until October, then again every weekend is a long weekend for me at the moment. Bye!

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