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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..13 June 2012


It’s a wild night outside tonight, rain, wind, lightning, thunder, sounds like a good night to snuggle up in bed and dream about what might have been and what will be.

Speaking of the future today’s second interview went very well, I should know tomorrow whether I have the job but I am quietly confident. Every one is very friendly and we seemed to hit it off.

Today Kane‘s third child and eldest son Jayden Daniel Mitchell turned 5, he is such a wonderful little boy. Yesterday was his first transition day at school, he can’t wait to get there, wait until he realises just how long he has to stay there. Jayden is a very bright child and he speaks beautifully, just like his Papa, although I suppose Kane will take the credit. The whole family will be here for lunch this Sunday to celebrate Jayden’s birthday, I love it when my entire family come together, children, partners and grandchildren.

Who is watching The Block, it is the only reality show Brian can tolerate, I hope the brothers win. I have also been following a show on SBS for a few weeks East to West, this show gives a fascinating insight into how eastern and western cultures have mixed over the centuries. Tonight’s episode was mainly focused on the Mongols culminating with the building of the Taj Mahal, such a beautiful building, it would be wonderful to see it one day.

They say everything comes to those who wait. Waiting, waiting, waiting!


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