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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..14 June 2012


I still don’t know whether I got that job. I have just come upstairs to find an email apologising for not calling me with a promise I will be called in the morning. Now if I did not have the job I would assume I would have been told in the email, but as he wants to discuss it in the morning I am still hopeful.

I have just started reading The Magic which is the follow-up to The Secret and The Power. This book tackles the same subject but from another perspective, still very interesting and still very thought-provoking and positive, but this one comes with some instructions to help you on your way to empowerment.

For some reason I am completely exhausted tonight, I have no idea why as I have not done very much. Tomorrow will be a busy day as my youngest son Wade and his partner Gink are coming for dinner and I have a 3 course dinner to cook, along with some housework to do.

Graham’s Goodies is getting a lot of hits of late, sales are definitely looking up, why not pay a visit to http://grahamsgoodies.net/ and remember to tell your friends.

There is nothing for it but to hit the sack for an early night, something tells me tomorrow will be life changing day.


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