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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 June 2012

Now that I know I have a job you would think I could relax and enjoy the next couple of weeks but there is just no pleasing some people, all I want to do now is work, I am so bored.

I spoke to Dad today as settlement on the sale of his home is 29 June and he is busy getting ready for the garage sale to end all garage sales this weekend. On Saturday I have a removalist picking up his pianola which will then become mine, it is a beautiful piece of furniture that has been in my family for nearly seventy years and will now remain so.

Tonight’s episode of Revenge was another good one, all the pieces are now coming together, looking forward to next week.

I am doing really well with my AFL tipping this year, 5 out of 6 last week, not bad for someone who has never played a game of sport in their life.

I was up quite early this morning as my youngest son Wade needed a lift to work, it was cold, raining and miserable but like a good father I did as I was asked, I had forgotten just how bad the traffic is in the morning.

I must call the local council tomorrow as I have seen an advertisement that does not sit well with me. A local business has a placard on their fence with a contact number for the eradication of pigeons, those who have known me for a long time will know I have an affinity with pigeons, therefore I think this unwarranted and cruel. In fact I think that during my retirement, whenever that may be, I will go back to pigeon racing, it will keep me active and get me out of the house. Fingers crossed I will not have to wait that long, perhaps only until we buy our next home.

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