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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..20 June 2012


Lots of birds in the back yard today, one was even “playing” with a ball that my grandchildren play with. Watching birds in your own yard is a lovely feeling, there also seems to be a pecking order if you will excuse the pun, as the smaller birds stood back until the bigger birds had finished feeding on the bread I gave them.

Tonight’s television viewing has been very diverse, we started with The Block which is now heading towards its final episode. Yet again Dani has upset everyone and the way she treats her partner Dan is deplorable, I can’t see that relationship lasting much longer than the show.

It was then onto Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve, I was shocked to see the state of the Somali people and their capital Mogadishu. This is the most dangerous spot on the planet and the Somalis are suspected of collaborating with al Qaeda and allowing them to train their fighters there. The plight of the local population is just plain sad and the I think the world needs to sit up and take notice. These poor souls live with famine, drought and civil war, there appears to be no respect for humanity.

For something a little different East to West which was all about the rise of the Ottoman Empire tonight. It appears the Ottomans were not as violent as most people would think, and while towards the end of the empire they may have been rife with corruption that does not seem to have been the case during the early history of the empire.

I finished with How Clean Is Your House, and I just cannot believe how some people live, the people tonight were just, well I suppose I shouldn’t judge them, suffice to say the home was not fit for anyone or anything.

As I sit here I can hear the dulcet tones of Brian snoring, not sure how I am expected to fall asleep tonight.


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