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Thoughts of middle aged man…..25 June 2012

Well that has really crapped me off, I spent all afternoon putting our Port collection on Gumtree only to find out tonight that Gumtree has removed them as you cannot sell alcohol through their site. Oh well, Gumtree’s loss will be eBay‘s gain tomorrow.

Wasn’t tonight’s episode of Revenge another good one, and it looks like next week will be even better. Every time you think you have this program sorted out there is another twist, and the acting is just superb. Brian is one very picky customer but even he is totally enthralled by this show; if only he would give Downton Abbey a go I am sure he would enjoy that as well.

Body of Proof with Dana Delaney is another one of those few shows that have got Brian. Tonight’s episode guest starred Mrs Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, as a murderess. There were so many twists in this episode that I did not see the end coming, another very good show.

Finally I have been able to get our washing done, now all I need is for it to dry. How’s that for a boring piece of trivia to get the word count up? It just goes to show how exciting my day has been.

To close a quote from The Secret, “To lose weight, don’t focus on “losing weight“. Instead, focus on your perfect weight. Feel the feelings of your perfect weight, and you will summon it to you”. Thank you.


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