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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 June 2012

Brian had to have today off work as he is in terrible pain with his back. His normal physiotherapist is on annual leave and his replacement has really upset the apple cart albeit not intentionally. Today Brian slept until lunch time and is in bed again now but he can barely walk. We both know there are a lot of people worse off in this world but it is distressing to see someone you love in so much pain.

I have now reached the conclusion than Indian cuisine is off-limits for me. A few months ago we had dinner with friends at a Nepalese restaurant and though I enjoyed the food my body revolted, the same thing has happened tonight after eating a korma I made. Food that is too oily or greasy also upsets my stomach, it looks like I may have to find some new favourites.

Today my granddaughter Caitlin had the first of the monthly treatments she must have for the rest of her life for Commune Variable Immune Deficiency, CVID, where she has an intravenous drip of immunoglobulins to boost her immune system. Despite being only 9 years old she had the treatment with barely a murmur, I am so proud of her.

Yesterday was the third anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson, others “stars” to leave us too young  were Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Princess Diana and many more. Why can’t we let these souls rest in peace, I am so fed up with the muck raking, the gory details of their autopsies, does anyone actually think about what this does to those left behind. By all means let us celebrate these wonderful people, but please let them rest in peace.


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