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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 June 2012

Today I had to see my doctor for a three-month check on my diabetes, what a little ray of sunshine he was. Would I like the good new or the bad news, the good news is you have lost more weight, the bad news is your blood pressure is up, your good cholesterol is too low, and your bad cholesterol is too high. Not all doom and gloom though, at least I have a pulse.

What to do I ask, yet another blood test and call me for the results in two weeks and we will decide how to move forward.

Not much on television tonight, well not after The Block anyway, what will we do next week? Just as well there was not much on really as Brian spent most of the night asleep on the lounge, but he wasn’t snoring, just breathing very loudly. I will be in trouble for that one 🙂

Check out my cousin’s latest Youtube video, her name is Sandi McMenamin and a song she wrote thirty years ago entitled “Adelaide You’re A Lady” is going off big time. This is the only song I have ever heard written about our beautiful city.

Now for the great asylum seeker debate, I have to confess I do not really know just what the government is proposing, all I have to say is that for ordinary people to go to the lengths the boat people do to flee their own countries things must be bad overseas. Perhaps we should make it easier for them to migrate by official channels, but maybe I am oversimplifying it.

Thank you for reading.


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