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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..1 July 2012


After a very late night last night, or should I say a very early morning, Brian and I had a late start today. First stop on our way out was the O’Connell Street Bakery for a light lunch after which it was off to see John McMenamin for a “Welcome Home” party. Uncle John  has been ill for some time and has only just come home after several months of respite care, it was wonderful to see him out of hospital. It was a good excuse for much of the Culley family to catch up; the next big family occasion will be Uncle John ‘s 90th birthday party in late October.

Our next stop was the nursing home to see Mum but unfortunately we were unable to wake her, so after leaving a note so she knew we had been in it was off to see my son Kane and his family; just a quick visit for a cup of tea and a catch up. Kane’s youngest son Zak has a bit of a cold so was not very happy, but the other grandchildren were happy to see us as always. If only that would last forever, but the older they get the less they will be excited to see us, it is just a fact of life.

Back home for a quick dinner after both falling asleep on our lounges and it was the finale of The Block, it was good to see the prize money shared around. Congratulations to Brad and Lara.

Downton Abbey was again well worth watching, I truly enjoy that show. The characters and storyline are evolving in this show in a way I could not see coming. That is a stupid comment really, because if it was predictable I wouldn’t want to watch it, anyway it is a great show and I am now looking forward to next week.

A quote from The Secret, “Create your day in advance by thinking the way you want it to go, and you will create your life intentionally”. I really should practice what I preach.

Thank you for reading.


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