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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 July 2012


Tomorrow is the big day, my first day at my new job. I am feeling quite nervous but I shouldn’t be as this time I know exactly what I am letting myself in for, I know how to do the job, I simply have to get to know a new way of doing things I have done before. The software is different but I have learnt new software before, that is no big deal. It is a very small office which will suit me and lets face it, I have Wednesday off as I only work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at this pont. I always wanted to work part-time and now is my chance, and if the role builds gradually to full-time so much the better.

It is funny how life goes, for a while we thought perhaps that Brian may lose his job as Masonic Homes have restructured as of 1 July, and then what happens, like a bolt out of the blue he is given a promotion this morning and he starts in his new role tomorrow. As of tomorrow Brian is the Village Manager of not one but two Masonic Homes sites, Ridgehaven and Northgate. Needless to say we are both very happy, it seems that the planets are in alignment and we can get our lives back on track.

On a lighter note Revenge, this television series just gets better and better, there are more twists and turns than I can keep track of. Every episode leaves you in limbo waiting for the next episode, this is a great show.

That’s it for me tonight as I have a 6.30 start in the morning and I need my beauty sleep. Wish us luck. Thank you for reading.


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