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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 July 2012


Things are really falling into place at work now, I am getting my groove back. It is good to be doing a job I know, I am really glad I did not have to start from scratch all over again. I must say I am looking forward to Thursday as this will be my first day on my own and I can really start to sink my teeth in and show them just what I am capable of.

One thing I am looking forward to is “playing” with the software we use to see just what it can do. I have had a brief look and it would seem to me that we could make much better use of it than we do now, this is one area where I will really be able to make a contribution.

A very early start tomorrow as the company is having a “Welcome” breakfast for me, all the staff will be there, it should be quite pleasant. I have never felt as welcome anywhere by everyone as I have now. There is just a snowball effect at the moment, everything is coming up roses.

I was really disappointed in Revenge tonight, a very odd episode looking back in time. I did not care much for it so hopefully the season finale will get everything back on track.

Looking for a bargain just follow the link to Graham’s Goodies http://www.grahamsgoodies.net/

Thank you for reading.


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