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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 July 2012


Today was my day off so I spent a leisurely morning catching up on the accounts and doing some advertising for Graham’s Goodies. I also made some minor modifications to the website to try to make it less busy. If anyone has some constructive feedback on anything I could do better I would love to hear from you. Try as I might to look at it from someone else’s perspective you can sometimes be too close to something, so I would appreciate your feedback.

After lunch I spent a relaxing afternoon chatting with our house guests until it came time to leave for Brian’s mother’s house, as we were having a family dinner this evening. When Brian arrived we piled into two cars and went to the O.G. Hotel but as we had not booked we had to wait for a table.

While we were waiting for dinner Brian telephoned his brother Ian who also lives in Western Australia so we all had a chat with him. Dinner was pleasant enough, I had a chicken schnitzel with mushroom gravy.

After dinner we drove back to Brian’s mothers where I left everyone and came home as I have work tomorrow, and as we had both cars there it was not really necessary for me to stay.

Life is funny sometimes, little things can disappoint you and that is how I feel right now. Never mind, tomorrow is another day.

Follow the link and see whats new at Graham’s Goodies http://www.grahamsgoodies.net/

Thank you for reading.


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