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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..12 July 2012


Today was my first day at work by myself and I had a great day. I got everything that was left for me done, answered all emails and phone calls, and dealt with the incoming mail. Another two and a half weeks and I will be permanently on my own, and as much as I appreciate the help I am receiving as I settle in, I am looking forward to it.

One slight mishap, about 3.00pm I had a call from Mother Nature so trotted off to the toilet only to find that when I went to pull my zipper down, it was already down. I had not been to the toilet since about 10.00am  so I had been walking around the office and even went to The Parade to buy some lunch, all at half mast. I would like to think no-one noticed, rather than they were too embarassed to tell me.

After work I met Brian, his sister Leanne, and her partner Kevin at West Lakes to do the grocery shopping, after which we had dinner in the food court. I had Pad Thai and it was very nice, then finally off home.

Now I have a four-day weekend, lucky me. Don’t make too much noise in the morning Brian, I have a lot of sleeping to catch up on.

Thank you for reading.

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