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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..13 July 2012


Today was my day off so after a leisurely morning reading and talking to my visiting in-laws, it was off to Adelaide as Leanne and Kevin are staying in the city for the weekend.

There is no doubt about it, today is Friday the 13th, either that or there is a full moon, as all the loonies were out in force. Driving through the CBD looking for Leanne and Kevin’s motel I was cutoff by another motorist, someone else gave me the finger, and the police were out in force. Do not even start me on the latest changes to the streets within the CBD and the new bus lanes that came into effect this week, utter confusion.

It was with great relief that I finally got back home, my nerves in tatters. What better way for me to relax but to settle in front of the computer and look at videos about pigeon racing on Youtube. I know this sounds quite boring to most but I find it quite enjoyable.

Dinner time was fast approaching so it was downstairs to prepare dinner, poached smoked cod with white sauce, home-made chips and vegetables. Both Brian and I enjoy smoked cod so that was one win for today.

All in all I have had a very good week and now I have a very busy weekend so off to bed. Back to Dad’s tomorrow for the second part of his garage sale, why not drop in at 10 Bowey Avenue, Enfield and see what takes your fancy.

Thank you for reading.

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